Female distress…

In todays post, I will be concentrating on the female cause. The female distress that might be felt somewhere and everywhere on earth.

Society is structured in 2 foundamental manners:

  • Liberalist females who are eventually considered as prostitues.Strong modern females who strive to be models for the next generations to come.


  • The religious that point out all those who don’t think the way they do. Those scared by adversities, not willing to face the storm and always ready to point a finger , forgetting that the 4 others are pointing right back at her.


Eventually they all lament on the deteriorating situations that the less fortunate of us all have to go through. Bullying, marginalising, violations in all its forms and stripping of their rights. All that seems to be left to do is pray and hope for divine interventions. Being more exposed to the perverts that priests and pastors have become, in the name of God- and their supriority in front of the world.


Something that was once considered sacred is being spitted on, strempled on and rolled in mud.


Her position as the mother of mankind has been brought down to a simple duty and not a gift to humanity. Her ovules are the only reasons she’s considered a personality. Speaking of a woman must always come down to her physique. Turned into an object of pleasure, shameless chained by the gift of God that her body is.


SMILE.. It’s not a permanent condition. It is what you make it and your strength carries the household. Keep your shoulders high, yourdignity and life you life as you feel right, bearing in mind that every decision you will make defines who you are.


What matters is how you see yourself. Love yourself madly and the rest will come.



N.B: copyright to artists represented by each painting. Photographies taken by me..

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