In response to all those who think that friendships are non-existent and full of SHIT..

But why a post?

Well, just because I agree with some of her reasons but have some lessons one should keep in mind while interacting with others.

Lesson No1

Expect only the things you are able to give. Don’t expect people to be grateful even if you saved their lives. It just ain’t possible because one’s ego is a passion and selfishness a poison. Please remember that!!

Less expectations, less hurt. This is true even while dating someone. Expecting that he/she should make you happy could make it impossible because you start asking the impossible from the other.

Lesson No2

People have their needs and so do you, and it happens that friendships are made based on these needs. It is a win-win situation. So why complain about something that you do unconsciously. I was told once that we are ruled by what we can gain from the other may it be in any domain of life. Man is a social being, so why isolate yourself. You aren’t obliged to consider them as friends but be the friend you would have loved to have. Just think about it please!!

Lesson No3

We are sometimes mislead by our emotions and our moods are always changing but let that not influence the way we interacts with each other. I think being friendly and polite is the key to success.

Lesson No4

Be the change that you want to see in your society. As simple as that. Must I add something else? Couldn’t be clearer right?

Lesson No5

Respect is the key to avoiding conflicts. Mutual respect. Set your boundaries, make them known to others and respect theirs.

I hope this was useful. I’d love to hear what you have to say about all this. So leave a thought on your way out. Thank you 👌🍻

Take care 😉😊

P.S: Friendships aren’t so bad when it is with the right people, please see why I say so Friends..

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