Not lost

*_Growth itself contains the germ of happiness._*

— _Pearl S. Buck_

As long as the day is still here, it is not lost. You can redeem it at any time.
What you have attempted without success is not a lost cause. You can make another attempt, and another, until you get it right.

Your path to this point says nothing of where you’ll go next. Your direction is yours to decide at any time.

Don’t let past disappointment be an excuse to create more disappointment. Let it inspire you and harden your resolve to do better.

Negative momentum is powerful, but it doesn’t have to remain negative. Take all that energy and turn it toward what is good, useful, creative, productive, fulfilling.

See that you are, right now, an architect of the future, not a victim of the past. Give the best of yourself, right now, to make that future bright.

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