A better way..

*_If one desires a change, one must be that change before that change can take place._*

— _Gita Bellin_

The anger that drives you will also block you. Let it go, and find a better way.

Retribution perpetuates itself endlessly on both sides, and no one ever wins. Forgive, and move beyond it.

Put thought and effort into making a difference, not just into making a point. Center your life around all you love, nurture, care for, rather than being consumed by what you oppose.

Champion your values through positive, beneficial action. Earn support for your cause not by bickering or intimidation, but by helping even those who disagree with you.

In a world of conflict, what attracts attention is not more conflict. Be a shining light of peaceful tolerance, respect, understanding.

Free yourself from the narrow confines imposed by judgment, retribution, resentment and anger. Open new positive possibilities for all of life.

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