Add kindness

*_Our power is in our ability to decide._*

— _Buckminster Fuller_

When interacting with other people, keep this in mind. They are people, with lives, stories, families, hopes, challenges and feelings.

For your own sake and for the sake of everyone, go out of your way to be considerate. Do all you can do to be kind.

Especially when you’re not met with kindness, offer your own kindness in return. Instead of trying to get the last word, seek to give the first smile.

Kindness does not get used up. In fact, the more it is expressed, the more of it there is, and the world will benefit from all you can give.

You may have every reason to be angry, disappointed, impatient, sarcastic. Yet kindness is almost always the better choice.

If the world seems to harsh, rude, inconsiderate, do something positive about it. Add your own kindness, every opportunity you get.

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