Descend…Part 2


The descend was bumpy to say the least. This was indeed the under world where elites do as they please and laws are applied only to the needy.

It seemed like forever since she had left England to tour around Africa and openly fight against the abusive exploitation of natural resources. The continuous destruction of the earth’s crust and the natural disasters that result.

Who are the ones suffering? The population!! They experience the loss of their loved ones, can’t depend on their​ governments to pull their lives back together. Turn to prayers and divine intervention that comes a millennium after. Take a look at death in the eyes and decide that it’s a better option.

Can one say that this is a true way of living? Who knows? We just try to carry on while others are forced to lick some great asses and suck some ugly dicks to get the proper recognition they deserve.

That’s just sad!!

Mary put a final full stop and published her article in her online newspaper. Minutes later, the national security officers rung at her door. 10years jail sentence for telling the truth.

It’s when your liberty is snatched away from you that you know that the human race as come to an end and that’s a natural​ disaster on its own….

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