The Impression…Part 1


I hate having the impression that I am wasting my time!!

she sighed.

Georgette was staring at her but sat quietly.

Aren’t you going to say anything?

She shrugged

Please Georgette!!

Georgette was fed up and suddenly spat out.

It took him 15years and 4kids to marry you. He wasn’t present when any of those kids were born. Don barely remembers your wedding anniversaries, talk less of your birthday. Plus we both know he jumps on anything that wears a skirt. So why are you complaining? You should be used to it already!!

Kate was dumbfounded.

I know you love him but don’t you think it’s too much humiliation like that? Just acknowledge that your parents were right about him. Your pride is making you accept absurd things.

Kate looked down at her wedding ring.

Don loves me. He promised me that it was the last time so I believe him. End of story.

Georgette shook her head and replied

Ok after all it’s your life and choice to make….

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