None…Part 3


Do you really think I’m not making a mistake?

 She looked up from her cup of coffee.

What’s​ suddenly making you doubt? You love him!! He’s your best friend, what else do you want?

Alicia was just astonished by her friend these days, she just couldn’t fathom what was taking her.

I don’t know, I’m just asking myself if we are really getting married for the right reasons.

I mean, the only reason why we are together today is because of this child in me

She started fiddling with her fingers.

Yeah, the fruit of your love. So why make such a big fuss about it?

Megan sighed.

Because I’m no longer pregnant. I had an abortion a week ago so I had to call off the marriage.

Alicia was lost for words. Just felt like she was just given a cold shower.

Megan got up from her seat.

It wasn’t his baby, he knew that. Just wanted to be a father and carry along the load which is the mother. A collateral entity.

She suddenly looked furious and disgusted.

And frankly speaking, he sucks in bed and I couldn’t image myself spending my life with that

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