Perfume….Part 1


At the smell of her Perfume, he felt his nerve tense and his trouser suddenly felt inches smaller.

Blood was running through his veins and an electrical charge was running all over his body.

He was paralyzed.

Paralyzed by a need, that could be expressed as a lust.

She seemed to be walking towards him in slow motion as he felt himself begin to sweat.

But why am I reacting like a teenager on his first date?

This situation left him perplexed.

He had to try and stay cool, have more self-control. Helas he discovered this to be a difficult task and started dreading the next 3hours they’d spend in that restaurant.

Why was she so? So funny? So attractive? So beautiful? So intelligent? So loving? So appealing? So desirable? So fun to be with? Why was she herself?

The only thing that kept him from officially asking her out was the strict regulations in their company about colleagues dating each other.

And that ring around her finger….

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