Perfume…Part 2


This Perfume was her favourite. A limited edition of a popular brand. Its smell was unique, nothing she had come across in her life.

A special gift from an admirer who had placed it in her desk the day of her birthday alongside a beautiful bouquet of white roses.

Her heart had melted.

He has finally remembered after all these years. Finally the only sign of love and appreciation I have been begging for lately.

She thought to herself as she sat down to start up her busy day of work but was disappointed to find out later on that her husband still didn’t give a damn.

It wasn’t the first time yet it still hurt so bad.

From henceforth she received letters that were neatly written and placed in her desk drawer, safety out of the sight of others.

Letters full of love, elegance and romance. A letter that hid a real man who knew how to make her feel like a real woman.

Desired and longed for.

Something so unfamiliar to her since the day she signed that cursed certificate….

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