Gray…Part 1


It just seemed like a Gray cloud had been hanging over my head that day.

It had been 3days since I got out of hospital after 3days of hospitalisation and my closet relatives knew how to make me feel guilty whenever I decided to do something for myself.

It was under more emotional pressure then I could take. All I needed was some comforting. But Andrew was busy that night preparing for the Christian retreat that his church was organising that weekend. But in between his packing, he found time to answer the texts I sent.

Do you find me selfish?

I asked preparing to tell him the horrible day I had had but was stopped by his answer. I received it like a slap on my face.

Yes sometimes I have the impression that you are very selfish. You let your emotions take the best of you and take out your moods on me. Something I can never do you. I don’t know what your priorities are but mine is us.

I just didn’t know what to reply to that. I was powerless at the sound of my heart breaking in millions of pieces at that instant.

I just wished him a great weekend and went straight to bed to try and mend my broken heart.

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