Gray…Part 2


That familiar Gray cloud decided to stick around all weekend.

She barely slept that night as what he said replayed in her head.

With every thought, a river of tears ran down her face. More cracks were formed in the depths of her heart.

So even for the man she loved she had become a load??!

So she would let others piss her off and take it out on him? But the last time she had openly told him she was in a bad mood and could probably take it out on him, he had insisted that he could take it. It wasn’t a problem as long as it made her feel better. So why is it a problem now?

Everyday he would remind her the importance of dialogue and encouraged her to openly tell him how she felt at every step of the way but reprimanded her anytime she did. Reminding her that he could never get angry or upset with her.

Even when she would decide to stop talking to him, she wouldn’t stick to it 2 hours, went back to him because her love was more than any argument or disagreement. But always got scolded at for her “childish and selfish” behaviour.

It hurt her every time and she just seemed to have to always justify herself. He just redid the same things over and over again despite her complaints because she always had to explain her every action and reaction. He was never​ wrong and she didn’t know what else to do but stop being open with him.

From that Friday night, everything became different.

She began to take everything upon herself; his disrespect and offenses. Close herself up and what’s surprising is that he never noticed a thing.

Finally, she realised that she needed a partner not a father…..

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